The What, How and Why of Activated Nuts

Nuts are a popular snack all over the world. They are sought after for being a healthy snack since nuts are known to be rich in essential fats and protein. But did you know that nuts also contain phytic acid, which is a type of natural chemical that interferes with your digestive system’s natural function (since it is difficult for your digestive system to break down)? It is believed that the same type of chemical can also inhibit you from absorbing the nutrients found in nuts. Does it mean you should stop eating nuts at all? Not yet – the advent of activated nuts Sydney shops have made the new and healthier way of eating your nuts more accessible and convenient.
activated nuts Sydney
If you love to eat nuts, then you might have noticed that ‘heavy’ feeling in your stomach. Nuts are delicious treats, no doubt. But it can also leave your tummy feeling full and in most cases might even lead to nausea. The big question now is this: what good is eating nuts if you are unable to absorb its vital nutrients? There is a new way for you to enjoy your nuts, which is why you should buy activated nuts Sydney has to offer. They are also widely available now, in local stores and online.
For those who are new to activated nuts Sydney has to offer, this basically refers to the process of preparing nuts to eat. The nuts are made bio-active by soaking them in a water and salt mixture. You must leave the nuts to soak in the mixture for a number of hours before you drain them. After that, you leave the nuts to dry by dehydrating them. You can use a dehydrator or an oven to speed up the drying process.
The process of soaking and activating the nuts is reportedly a great way to release phytic acid. This allows the nuts to germinate and break down the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid naturally contained in it. You can therefore eat nuts and enjoy its optimum nutritional value to offer benefits to your body. In fact, Sydney activated nuts are believed to increase in nutritional value the longer you soak them in the salted mixture.
To maximize the results and benefits of activated nuts in Sydney, it is important to follow the proper soaking process. For nuts like pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts, you need to soak them overnight (or at least 8 hours). Meanwhile, almonds and pumpkin seeds require longer soaking time, which is at least 12 hours or up to one full day. For both sunflower seeds and cashews, the ideal soaking time is 12 to 15 hours.
Nuts are consumed in different forms, whether as snacks or used as ingredients for cooking or baking. By opting for activated nuts Sydney has to offer, you can unleash the benefits that these natural food products can offer. It is no wonder why this is a growing trend in the health and fitness industry. If nuts are known to be healthy in and of themselves, who would have thought that you can still improve on its nutritional value?