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Essential Tips to Know Before Booking a Private Villa Rental in Samui

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If you want to live like a local but still be treated in the lap of luxury while on vacation at Koh Samui, try renting out a private villa. This is the fastest growing choice of accommodation for those who like to embark on a holiday getaway in this beautiful tropical island. But due to the high level of demand for private villa rentals in Samui, it is not hard to understand why a lot of online scams and fraudsters are taking advantage. Make sure you know the in’s and out’s of booking a private villa for rental online.

Know what you want. This is the most important step to figure out before you go searching for villa rentals in Koh Samui. Unless you know exactly what you want, you could go on circles trying to figure out what you are looking for. Be as specific as possible when figuring out what you are looking for in a villa rental. This will speed up your search and also makes it easier to do comparison later on.

Speak to a staff from the private villa rentals in Samui. When doing your research online, you do not always get the information you need from the website. Hence, it is best to speak directly to the staff at the villa rental property you are considering. Legitimate villa rental companies will provide their contact information for convenience on the guests’ part when placing an inquiry. It also makes it easier for you to address any issues or questions you might have before confirming rental.

Take advantage of any perks offered. The villa rental market is always competitive. Hence, property owners offer deals and extras to entice customers to stay in their property. Make sure to be on the lookout for these deals so you can get more bang for your buck.

Check the fine print. It is imperative that you sign a written contract or agreement when renting a private villa for your holiday. However, you need to carefully read the fine print to ensure that you enjoy the services you expect at the agreed price. You also need to be upfront about the property owner regarding any hidden fees.

Find a good location. Some say that villas located right next to the beach can be pretty expensive; however, they are expensive for a reason. The convenience of being able to walk to the beach anytime you want is great for a tropical vacation. If this is important to you, make sure to inquire about beachfront villas to get the full holiday experience.

If luxury accommodation combined with world class service is what you are looking for in private villa rentals in Samui, look no further than Villa Renter Samui. There are several options of villas for rental on a holiday in Koh Samui, ranging from 3 to 7 bedrooms in sizes. Each villa also features a unique interior décor to provide a unique experience for its guests. However, you can rest assured that all villas are maintained in the highest quality of standards to make your vacation as relaxing as can be. For more details on their villa options, you can check out their website at

Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Accommodation in Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is amongst the most popular locations for a wide variety of tourists. With a growing variety of travellers visiting the area, many hassle-free options for accommodation have also dotted the landscape. Having enough options will not be a problem while choosing where to remain in the capital. Just make sure to book the best accommodation in Phnom Penh in advance to avoid the holiday rush.

 best accommodation in Phnom Penh

When booking the best accommodation in Phnom Penh, you should think of the location first and foremost. The following are questions you should ask yourself when you are looking for the right hotel in Phnom Pehn:

Will it help you learn more about the culture?

Cambodia and its capital have various tourists from numerous parts of the world because of its great attractions. It absolutely provides a various social affair to the region. To actually immerse yourself in the provincial way of living and history of Phnom Penh, remain in areas where the way of life and the historical background of the city have been maintained.

Will the accommodation help you relax?

The location of your accommodations plays a significant role. If you want solitude and rest during your stay, find an accommodation far from bars and nightlife. You should also check for any ongoing construction in the area, so you can avoid them ahead of time. Make sure to inform your reservations specialist about your preferences. They can help you find the best accommodation in Phnom Penh that suits your tastes and budget.

Can you afford the accommodation?

Your budget limit will determine the kind of accommodation you’ll get. If you plan to tour the area all day, it would be wise to look for hotels offering cheap accommodation. You can save money by choosing budget-friendly accommodation, as you can use your savings to tour the area and buy souvenirs. You can also stay in places far from town centres to cut cost on your accommodation.

What other perks can you enjoy?

Having tidy, feathery towels, shower things, warmed mirrors, loaded minibars, complimentary presents, and so on can go a long way when looking for accommodation. You can discover a hotel that has one-room flat such as a house boutique hotel Phnom Penh has to offer.

– Take advantage of clean toilet and bath: Water pressure, hot and cold shower options, size of the showerhead, cleanliness of the tiles, heated seats, bidets–these are just a few of the essential things that visitors look for in a hotel.

– Enjoy modern amenities and convenience: Air-conditioning systems, flatscreen televisions, hot and cold showers, hairdryers, coffee bar, bars, swimming pool, golf courses, and concierge services–these are amenities that can enhance a visitor’s experience.

– Relax in a comfortable bed: Laying on a soft bed after a long day of romping around Cambodia’s capital is extremely vital. The bed needs to offer sufficient back support to ensure good sleep every night.

From selecting your accommodation in Phnom Penh to looking for keepsakes, there are ways to be a smart traveller. When you comprehend your alternatives and weigh your options, your visit to Phnom Penh will certainly be satisfying. Now, for a high-quality stay in Cambodia, you might want to visit YK Art House or check out for useful details.

Must Have Features for Your Online Accommodation Booking Software

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Planning to shop for an online booking system for your accommodation business? This is an area in the travel technologies sector that has undergone a great deal of evolution. The move is towards greater personalization in order to offer travel buyers a more intimate experience and boost bookings.

There are certain important features that every online booking system will have in order to have a good shot at generating bookings in the highly competitive travel market. In this market, having a reliable system will make the difference between profits and losses.

Whether you are specializing in resort bookings, motel bookings, B&B bookings or camping and backpackers booking, you will need a state of the art online booking system that will offer your customers the best experience in the market.

With the most cutting-edge online booking system powering your business, customers will easily reserve your travel products and that means more profits for your business. Everyone wants to book their upcoming holidays from the comfort of their homes but they want to do it with a reliable travel provider with a system that makes their lives easier.

They want to book for the upcoming trips with only a few clicks and they want to do it easily with few glitches and complexities in the process. If you are shopping for a booking software accommodation for your business, here are some of the must-have features that you will need to consider:

Nice Image Gallery

Human beings are quite impressionable. They just don’t want something that is mechanical. They like a little excitement when carrying out their bookings. Go for a booking solution that allows you to add high resolution images that customers can visualize when booking services to enable them make up their minds.

An Appealing Call to Action

Have an appealing and easy to use button that contains actionable language. This should be eye-catching and placed prominently on your booking engine. If the customers have made up their mind to book their accommodation via your site, they should readily know where to click in order to proceed with the reservations.

Real Time Booking

Get a real-time booking system that buyers can use to make reservations without your involvement. It should generate automated confirmation email messages and tailor travel availability based on user needs. A real time booking system that is plugged to the global channels will allow you to generate more bookings by putting your accommodation booking system in sync with other variables in your business.

Sales Integration

Get a system that you can easily integrate with other channels in your accommodation business in order to create one orderly unit.  It should integrate with your business website, staff support, social media integration, mobile integration, booking agent integration and easier channel management so that you can have a hands-off when it comes to the technology side of your business.

Excellent Support

Good support for your technology needs when it comes to the booking software online will ensure that your technology backend runs smoothly as you build the core of your accommodation business.

Are you looking for an excellent booking system online for your Australian accommodation business? Check out the reliable software solution provided by Netbookings.

The Perfect Volunteer Service For You In Asia

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If you are wondering where you would volunteer the next time, think of Thailand, where there are lots of opportunities for you to change the lives of so many people. You may never believe the amazing offers that await you as a volunteer in Thailand. The good thing is that with organizations like the Bamboo volunteering in Thailand, you get life rolling for millions of people in the Asian countries like India and even Nepal. There is no end to how much you can help people, the reason why you can step out to make life more beautiful for those who need your support.

A touch of volunteering activity that is blended with tourism is what you would experience when you want to be a volunteer. There are lots of places that would transform your life forever in Thailand as a volunteer. You can have an amazing time in Thailand with the support of Bamboo volunteer company in Thailand.

What are you waiting for? Get your back pack strapped and get the fire started in your camp. It only begins with making yourself available for this humanitarian service.   While you are still vibrant and active, it would be a good idea when you get involved in a sustainable project that would take you across the many cities of Asia. It is possible to get you a personalized tour and volunteer program if that is what you wish from some volunteer companies here in Thailand.

You can become a volunteer where you can teach at a rural school and help hundreds of school pupils and students become better citizens of Asia. This is what the Bamboo volunteer abroad Thailand program can help you do for these kids. You may never know whose life you would change forever or if you would be the person to inspire the next Bill or Steve from Asia, right? That is how educative a volunteer program can be.

The elephants have their homes in Asia and you can support them by helping in giving them bath and caring for them. Even if you are a nurse or a student nurse who wants to get an elective placement, you can get enrolled in programs that some organizations or companies offer like Bamboo volunteering in Thailand.

There is no type of profession that cannot fit in programs designed by organizations like Bamboo Thailand volunteer travel. There are a lot of organizations you can join as a volunteer in Asia but it would be best that you make use of an organization or team that is beneficial and educative.

You can work with an organization that would ensure that your dream is fulfilled as a volunteer and the people you helped are happier than you met them. This is what a good volunteer service is all about and if you miss this goodwill message, you may have lost the best part of your volunteer work.

You can visit and see how volunteer activities have become fun and transforming. The organization has tour and volunteer activities for those who would want to join them. It is your choice to make when you are working with Bamboo volunteering in Thailand.