Deep relaxation

Those who would like that never have the time, who want to discover, or afford to take time.

For a wedding, just a few hours with us, or a zen weekend, enjoy your stay to give you a real moment of well-being.

A graduate of several relaxation schools, more than 10 years of practice and enjoying my travels around the world to receive various massages.

I propose my knowledge and my pleasure to bring everyone into a deep relaxation. Heat, a Zen setting, the incense and the music help you to relax.

From sat amma, a chair relaxation technique, to body relaxation with essential oils and a variation of techniques, you will find, I’m sure, what suits you.

Associated with your stay, a special Zen awaits you :

Sat amma 15 minutes 10 €
Relaxation with essential oils 70 minutes 60 €
Relaxation with essential oils 30 minutes 20 €
Foot relaxation : South African technique with talc 60 minutes 50 €
Foot relaxation : Chinese technique 40 minutes 30 €